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Therapy is an unusual thing. You sit there and divulge your deepest thoughts, feelings, traumas, etc while a person you know nothing about listens and supports you on your journey of growth. You hope they won’t judge you for your flaws and that they will help you figure out your "stuff".

At Aura, we know know how it feels because we've been on the other side too. Our job is to help create the best possible atmosphere for your growth. We ensure confidentiality, openness, and your freedom through the process. Have something you don’t want to talk about? No problem! The floor is yours for what feels relevant and important to you. We're the right fit if you like someone who is upfront and challenging, with a good amount of compassion.

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Get to Know Our Team

Samantha Chasse, LMFT

CEO, Therapist

Hi, I'm Sam! Welcome to Aura Psychotherapy. When I’m not working you can find me in the kitchen cooking a new recipe while listening to music. I love to find adventure whether it be rock climbing, hiking, or kayaking. I have a sassy corgi named Finn, and a cuddly orange polydactyl cat named Ernie. I love to show pictures of Finn and Ernie if requested (there are plenty)!


Southern Connecticut State University, MA, Marital and Family Therapy

The University of Tampa, BA, Psychology

Accelerated Resolution Therapy Certification

What We Can Do for You



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Individual Therapy

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Family Therapy


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Relationship Therapy


Accelerated Resolution Therapy


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Eating Disorders & Body Image


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Eating Disorder & Addiction Family Support

Anonymous female therapist and client sitting in armchairs during session in modern office

Individual Therapy

Sometimes life brings us troubles we never anticipated. Individual therapy can provide you with a new perspective and offer tools to manage these life stressors. Working together as a team, we will navigate issues that you want to work on, providing you peace and perspective. Outside of eating disorders, I work with anxiety, depression, burnout, and PTSD (including complex PTSD).

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Family Therapy

Families are full of patterns of behavior that sometimes feel impossible to change without an external person to give the family coaching and the opportunity to really listen to each other. All types of behaviors are communication, even if nonverbal. Our goal is to understand the process of what is happening for the family and seek to change what's destroying family relationships. I work with families that include teens and young adults.

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Relationship Therapy

Kids. Job stress. They just wont close the kitchen cabinets you have asked them to close 100 times before. I can help navigate the difficulties that come with relationships. Oftentimes, we become ingrained in a process of communication and patterns of behavior, and relationship therapy can help us form healthier connections with our partner(s).

Accelerated Resolution Therapy

ART is a therapeutic technique designed to help people change their associations with troubling thoughts and behaviors. Using bilateral stimulation via eye movements, client’s brains will work to heal what is holding them back in life. Have trauma you struggle to talk about? ART can help as you do not have to disclose what happened in order to heal.

Learn more about ART here:

Foods on the Table

Eating Disorders & Body Image

Recovery is possible with the right team of providers by your side. I believe in a Health At Every Size (HAES) approach to eating disorder recovery. Using a non-judgmental, all foods fit perspective, I aim to help clients heal their relationship with food and their body.​ We will explore how the eating disorder has come to exist in your life and work on releasing you from its grip. Living in a society obsessed with diets and weight loss can be exhausting. Im here to support you through it.

Learn more about HAES here:

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Eating Disorder & Addiction Family Support

When a family member is struggling with an eating disorder or addiction, other family members often times can get sucked into a cycle to "keep the peace", resulting in the continuation of patterns we don't desire. I can support families with teens or young adults in making informed decisions regarding how to stop the cycle and address the patterns resulting in family dysfunction.

Want to grow as a therapist?

I have experience supervising interns, associate licensed therapist, and licensed therapists. In my supervision, I tend to be direct and use a person of the therapist (POTT) approach. I work with other therapists to build confidence, teach skills related to working with difficult families, and build knowledge on eating disorders, trauma, and personality disorders.

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Learn More

Discover the ideas and philosophies that guide my therapeutic approach.


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Health At Every Size (HAES)


Healthy food selection

Intuitive Eating


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Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Reading Material

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The Marriage Lesson That I Learned Too Late

By Matthew Fray

The existence of love, trust, respect, and safety in a relationship is often dependent on moments you write off as petty disagreements

Books in the Library

A Dietitians Journey of Recovery from an Eating Disorder

By Rachael Ajmera

Hear the perspective of an eating disorder professional's journey to recovery.

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Why American Teens Are So Sad

By Derek Thompson

Four forces are propelling the rising rates of depression among young people.


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CONNIE is Connecticut's new Health Information Exchange (HIE) program. This program is meant for providers to easily share and access client information with the intention of excellent patient care. What is also important to know is that your mental health information can be accessed by other health professionals who do not need this information to provide care to you. If you do not opt out, you are automatically opted into this program. Providers do not have a choice to opt out from this program for their clients. It is your choice what happens with your mental health information. If you want to opt out of this program, please click below.

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